About us

Who we are

We are Carolyn and Zsuzsa, two great friends who want to make the most of our time with our beloved dogs, Harry and Sirus.

What we do

Together we have created 'Paws on the Door', an online community for dog owners and dog friendly businesses. 'Paws on the Door' allows fellow pooch lovers to search for dog friendly shops and services. It also provides our users with information about registered dog friendly places and exclusive offers.

Why we do it

We have noticed that we never know for sure where we can go with our dogs, whether it is a pub, cafe, shop or hairdressers. As a result, we either end up asking numerous high street businesses if they are dog friendly or abandon the whole idea.
With 8.5m dogs in the UK, we think dog friendly places need an easy way to let customers know that their four legged friends are welcome. To highlight dog friendly places, we have created a 'Paws' sticker that can be displayed on the door or window.


How can you join?

If you are a dog friendly business, you can join our paws revolution by registering for free on our easily accessible database and map.
You can also request a sticker to display on your door, so that passing dog owners know their dogs are welcome.

If you are a dog owner, you can subscribe to our free newsletter and search for dog friendly places, saving yourself from the inconvenience of having to make phone calls in advance.

Contact us

To register your business for free and to request a sticker, please click here

If you would like to recommend a dog friendly place or would like to share some useful doggie tips please email:


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